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We are dedicated to providing your pet with a prompt diagnosis.

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Laboratory, Radiology, and Ultrasound Diagnostics in Key Largo, FL

At Island Hammock Pet Hospital, our veterinarians and staff have access to the latest and most efficient diagnostic tools. With our in-house lab and digital x-ray equipment, we are capable of developing a more comprehensive picture of your pet’s health and can diagnose a wider range of conditions. We can schedule on sight ultrasounds with a board certified veterinary radiologist as needed, and our hospital also has the privilege of working with outside facilities, specialists, and several universities for more advanced testing procedures.

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Laboratory Testing

We generally only perform tests in-house for pets with urgent health problems requiring fast results. With our lab equipment, we can perform comprehensive testing procedures with a higher degree of accuracy. This quick turnaround with results allows our team to promptly address, and treat, potentially life-threatening conditions.

For non-urgent testing, we regularly send out blood, urine and fecal samples to outside specialists. This helps reduce the cost of testing for you, and it ensures a thorough and detailed analysis of your pet’s internal systems. Dogs and cats should undergo blood and fecal testing at every wellness visit to screen for parasites and other underlying issues.

Digital X-Ray

There are many advantages to using digital X-ray technology over traditional X-ray equipment. Not only is it easier for our veterinary team to take X-rays of dogs and cats; but it’s also easier for our patients.

We recommend X-rays for pets that have or may have chronic heart and lung issues, and to check for bone and joint problems. Where a regular physical exam proves inconclusive, an X-ray or ultrasound may be the next step.

The benefits of digital X-ray include:

  • Higher image resolution, which provides our team with more information
  • Being able to send radiographs electronically to other facilities if a specialist’s interpretation is needed
  • A quicker diagnosis
  • Less time (and fewer images) needed to take X-rays of your pet, reducing stress and discomfort
  • Less radiation output than traditional film X-ray technology

Cat and Dog Ultrasound Services

If your veterinarian examines your pet and determines that they need an ultrasound, we can enlist the services of a board-certified radiologist to come in and perform the procedure. Ultrasound is complementary to X-ray in that it provides clear visualization of the soft tissue organs, as opposed to the bones and joints. The procedure is non-invasive and painless, and in addition to helping to detect and diagnose internal issues, can also assist with guided biopsies.

Ultrasound allows us to:

  • Evaluate the extent and progression of disease
  • View stones in the urinary tract
  • Find the source of your pet’s pain
  • Determine the presence and origins of a mass or cancerous tumor
  • Diagnose pancreatic disease in dogs and cats

Veterinary Services

Below are all of the veterinary services we offer at Island Hammock Pet Hospital. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to call us.