Community Support

We are incredibly honored to collaborate with several outstanding nonprofit organizations in Key Largo.

Thank you to everyone who voted us Best Veterinarian in the Upper Keys 2022 and 2023!

Best veterinarian award
Best veterinarian award

Supporting the Key Largo, FL Community

We’re extremely proud to partner with some remarkable non-profit organizations here in Key Largo. We know we’re not alone in believing that the health of a community depends on the health and happiness of its pets and people, which is why we offer our support to the following groups:
The Good Health Clinic
The Good Health Clinic works to make healthcare accessible to uninsured residents in Florida’s Upper Keys. A registered 501c(3) non-profit, the clinic’s physicians are able to offer a variety of medical specialties and provide quality medicine and ancillary care free of charge to patients who meet the residency and income requirements.
MarrVelous Pet Rescues & Adoptions
MarrVelous Pet Rescues is a 501c(3) organization established to address and serve the needs of stray and abandoned animals. They also work to secure foster homes for dogs and cats until they can find permanent living arrangements with compatible, loving families. Another goal of the organization is to educate the public about responsible pet care, including spaying and neutering, microchipping, and training.
The Florida Keys Wild Bird Center
The goal of the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center is to rescue, rehabilitate, and then release injured or displaced native and migratory wild birds. They also provide or locate humane shelters for the birds that cannot be released, so they can take part in demonstrations to educate the public and promote a better coexistence with all wild bird species. This organization relies almost solely on public and private donations, so be sure to visit their website if you’d like to donate!
Keys to Peace
Keys to Peace is a 501c(3) grassroots organization whose mission is to build up the Florida Keys community as a place of compassion, sustainability, respect, justice, and dignity via education and community activities. They aim to bring the community together and help people engage in projects with which they can cultivate their talents and help others.
Upper Keys Humane Society
The Upper Keys Humane Society Inc. (UKHS) is a 501c(3) not-for-profit “No-Kill Shelter” that provides food, shelter, medical care and adoption services for unwanted and abandoned animals. The purpose of this society is to promote the proposition that all living creatures deserve humane and civilized treatment.
Key Largo Schools
We’re proud to support local education for children in the Key Largo area.
Monroe county sheriff’s department

We take great pride in helping the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department educate local youth.

Coral Shores High School
We’re proud to support local education for high school students at Coral Shores High School.
The College of the Florida Keys
We’re proud to support local education at The College of the Florida Keys.
JOY Center
Each week, JOY Inc. presents the JOY Center, a free program of courses and activities designed for lifelong learners. The JOY Center was a way to explore the community’s interest in this type of programming, to galvanize support for our vision of a future Upper Keys community center, and to serve as a pilot version of that center.
Coral Isles Church
A dynamic community of faith, filled with people who have discovered the wonder and healing power of God’s love and grace. Our worship is informal, spiritual, and relevant. We worship a loving God and seek to hear God’s message in our everyday lives.
Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys

The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys is an all-volunteer-based organization dedicated to helping cancer patients while they are in treatment for their disease. We pay the rent, mortgage, utilities, and other daily living expenses during this trying time for cancer patients.

Firefighters Benevolent Association
The Islamorada Firefighters Benevolent Association has been providing help to families during times of need for over 60 years. This is made possible through contributions by each and every member of the Islamorada Fire Department.