About Our Animal Hospital in Key Largo

Island Hammock Pet Hospital is designed for the comfort, care, and convenience of pets and their families. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing excellent veterinary medicine while also making the Key Largo community a better place. In addition to focusing our practice completely around the needs of our patients and clients, we also do our part to help the environment.

Our Facility is Designed around Animal Wellness

There are dozens of features of our practice that are geared towards giving pets a better experience.

  • Our floors were constructed to help elderly dogs walk with ease
  • The walls of the hospital are insulated to reduce sounds that might cause anxiety
    • This includes interior walls, which are insulated to dampen internal sounds
    • The Boarding Villa for cats is also insulated to minimize noise and keep our feline guests calm, while still allowing them to observe their surroundings
    • We use a Central Wet-Dry vacuum system that is located outside
  • We have an HVAC system which cycles fresh air throughout the hospital to reduce odors
  • Our Intensive Care Unit has an open floor plan to allow for the active, continuous monitoring of patients by our medical staff members
  • The hospital also has an isolation ward for treating contagious or potentially contagious patients without allowing contagions to spread throughout the building
  • Our facility has both an indoor and outdoor waiting area; the outdoor waiting area is ideal for keeping large dogs separated from cats and small dogs
  • Overall, our facility has been built according to AAHA standards

We’re Environmentally Friendly

At Island Hammock Pet Hospital, we’re highly conscious of our impact on the environment and what we can do to minimize our footprint.

solar panel installation

Eco-Friendly Fixtures and Appliances

Some of the eco-friendly fixtures you can find at our animal hospital include:

  • Rows of solar panels on our roof, which help to generate 75% of the power our facility uses
  • All of our appliances are Energy Star compliant
  • Our computer workstations and monitors are all energy-saving, high-efficiency models
  • Virtually all of our hospital lighting is LED technology
  • All of our HVAC systems are high efficiency
  • Our external lighting is photo sensor driven
  • All of our plumbing fixtures use WaterSense-rated water saving features

See our Solar Panel Metrics

Landscaping and Water Usage

The landscaping around our hospital is also designed to be friendly to the environment.

  • All plants and flowers used for our landscaping are native species
  • The hospital grounds are xeriscaped, which means they don’t require irrigation
  • We have a storm water management system that redirects all rain water to our landscape beds
  • All of our landscape beds are made from recycled, fossilized coral rocks extracted from the Key Largo Sewer Project
  • Fill that was extracted from on-site trenching was reused onsite
  • We had mature Gumbo Limbo trees transplanted instead of allowing them to be cut down and removed
  • Any trees onsite that needed to be cut down were recycled into mulch and used to fertilize our landscape beds
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