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Island Hammock Pet Hospital®
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Comprehensive Examinations

Thorough, Annual Physical Examinations

A thorough physical examination by our Doctors may include the following:

  • An Ocular exam
  • A Palpation exam (lymph nodes, organs, joints)
  • An Oral/Dental/Periodontal examination
  • Pain identification and management
  • Illness diagnosis and prevention including discussing specific breed disposition to illness
  • Dietary, preventative medicines and wellness counseling

We always offer the following client counseling:
  • Best health practices for your pet
  • Weight management and diet
  • Caring for your pet during an illness or injury
  • Options for treating your pet’s injury or illness
  • Cost effective ways to maintain the health of your pet

"A comprehensive examination can prevent
future problems, increase the quality of life of
your pets and save money in future medical costs.
We prefer to prevent problems today than
treat them in the future."
                                                    Dr. Martha 

To schedule an examination, you can call us at 305-852-5252. You can also text us or send us an email at Please make sure you include your name, phone number, the preferred date, time of day and patient name. Once received, we will contact you to confirm.